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November 28, 2010
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Distracted Fairy by Amarie-Veneanar Distracted Fairy by Amarie-Veneanar
Vertella Greenleaf was supposed to clean that mushroom. The High Court was about to be hold the following day and she had been given the task to clean the mushrooms. She had already brushed the dirt off of two mushrooms, when she suddenly felt the urge to try out her newly given dress. She was so absorbed in dancing on the mushroom, she completely failed to notice that Larliquina Oak, one of the Fairy Queen's Mistresses of Ceremonies, had arrived to supervise her progress. Needless to say, that Vertella was going to be in troubles.

This is my entry for Week 165 of the weekly challenge over at :iconcreatebyweek: Instead of visiting a Christmas Fair in another town and taking photos for another project, I've spent about 7 hours creating this manipulation. I did this, because I LOVE YOU GIRLS OVER AT :iconcreatebyweek:! :tighthug:

Memo to self:
Next time when doing a photomanipulation, change the stock basis to 300 dpi, before starting work!

I might upload another version of this photomanipulation. I'm somehow not totally convinced, that this texture looks good. Perhaps, I might better have used some spider web brushes? I'm also not really happy how the dress of Vertella looks. Unfortunately I didn't know, you to get it to look better. :( As I aim to become better in photomanipulations, I appreciate constructive critique. If you've got suggestions. how to improve this manipulation, I'd like to hear them. :)

Stock used:

Challenge Stock photo: by :iconmochacat:

Distracted Fairy: by :iconsitara-leotastock:
Other Fairy: by Marcus Ranum aka :iconmjranum-stock: (the lovely model is :iconrubiacaea:)
Broom: by: :iconnhuval-stock:
Texture: by :iconsirius-sdz:

Argh, I nearly forgot the wings... :blush:
I also used two of the by :iconshoofly-stock:

Thanks to all stock and resource providers for your awesome stock and resources! :heart:
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Darkmir Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
This is a charming piece, and nicely executed.

I like it... I like it a lot!:)
Sitara-LeotaStock Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2010
Very cute! Love the green colours and the mushroom so much!
Amarie-Veneanar Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2010
Thank you very much and thank you for offering such lovely stock! :heart: I've always wanted to use a stock photo of this series in a manipulation. By the way, I haven't forgotten the other manipulation, that I've once requested another stock pose of you. :-)
DeepBlueDesign Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
No! don't change the texture! It's beautiful :). The only thing I can think of that might make this manip look even better than it already does, is to add some more contrast on the little fairy, especially on the dress. I think she's a little too brightly lit compared to the rest of the piece. Otherwise it's a lovely manip with a great little story. I hope you win! :heart:
Amarie-Veneanar Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2010
First off, thank you very much for your kind words! :heart: I've actually changed my mind about the texture. I like it meanwhile, so I won't change it in this manipulation. :-) At first I planned to also upload another version of this manipulation, but I now I plan to use some of its elements (the right fairy and the broom, maybe the left fairy) to make a larger scaled scene, preferably using as many of my own mushroom photos as possible. I will also need other wings, as the wing stock provider only allows dA prints. I also plan to optimize this manipulation and update it later on.

Thank you very much for your kind comment and suggestions. They are really helpful! :heart: You're right on the lighting of the left fairy. When I looked more closely, I noticed, that the lighting is opposite on both fairies. :noes: I do have to adjust that and yes, the dress of the left one lacks contrast. These are things, I'm going to change.

I always find it difficult to "root" objects or models in manipulations, to prevent them from looking just pasted in. I used that blurred shadow on the right fairy, but I wonder, if it's too dark. I had to blur it, as that mushroom part was blurry. And what about the left fairy: does it look correct how she is located on the mushroom or should I move her out of that mould and place her beside the broom? I used that location as a shortcut, because I was too lazy to remove the grass of the model's foot. :blush: Do you happen to have any suggestions on this topic? :hug:
DeepBlueDesign Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
You're welcome! :heart:

It's always difficult to blend objects together that didn't originally belong to the same environment. You have to make sure that everything in the scene receives the same amount, strength and colour of light. What might help is to put a Gradient Map as an adjustment layer with a low opacity and set to Overlay or Soft Light on top of all other layers, this helps to pull everything together. You'll have to experiment with the gradient colours to see what looks best.

Your shadows look fine. Blurring shadows is always a good idea because, unless your objects are standing under a flood light or are floating in outer space, light is always a little diffuse because the primary light source (the sun, the moon or just daylight) is very far away. The atmosphere also diffuses light and light bounces off other objects in the vicinity. All those things cause the blurring of shadows. What you can do to make the shadows fit in better is to set the shadow layer to Multiply and adjust the opacity a little until it looks natural. Shadows are dark but also take on a little of the colour of the underlying surface (in this case the mushroom). Shadows are never totally black (unless you're in space :))

:D too lazy to remove the grass from her feet? What are you like? :D. Actually I do think it might look more natural if you put the fairy (with feet :)) next to the broom. I had another look at it and right now it kind of looks as if she's being swallowed by the mushroom... It's not a flesh eating mushroom, is it? :O

I really think it's a very nice manipulation. We all make little mistakes, nothing is ever perfect. When I look at my own work I see hundreds of little things I could've done better, but I'm my own worst critic :shrug:

I hope this helped and that I've given you an idea or two ... :hug:
Amarie-Veneanar Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2010
Thank you very much again! :hug: This helped a lot and I will definitely give your advices regarding a Gradient Map (can't imagine yet, how this will look, though) and the shadows a try. I've only reduced the opacity of the shadows, but didn't set the layer mode to Multiply. I'll have look how a change of the layer mode will change the shadow's look. I also will move the fairy out of that mould with her feet, as it isn't a flesh eating mushroom. :blushes: And thanks a lot for faving this manipulation! :heart:
DeepBlueDesign Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
You're very welcome :hug:
NHuval-stock Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2010
Very cute and I really like the little story that goes with it. :clap: Thank you so much for using my stock Dorothee and good luck:blowkiss:
Amarie-Veneanar Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2010
You do? Thank you! :aww: And thank you for the fave and your wonderful stock! :heart:
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