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Chocci Santa Skin by Amarie-Veneanar Chocci Santa Skin by Amarie-Veneanar
Now, the Mood box should be working. Thanks again to Anne, who isn't really an evil fairy. In fact, she's a wonderful glittery fairy. :blowkiss:

Screw you, dA! I've only found out that you only can add a description to journal entries written with S.tash-Writer, after I had deleted the first journal with this skin, where I had given the credits in the description. Now they are gone. :cries:

This is my entry for "Calendar Project 2012 - Dec 5th"
Calendar Project 2012 - Dec 6th
deadline reached
Task 2 - Click for more
Task 3 - Click for more
not released yet
not released yet
by :iconginkgografix:. It's my absolutely first dA CSS journal skin and it's still slightly screwed up like for example the journal thumb in the journal body and the link in the footer and as I just noticed the mood box. :-( I will try to fix that with Anne's help.

I've used the "Bare Bones Blank CSS Template" by :icongillianivy: as a base for the CSS. I've also used ".:Walkthrough Pink Border" and "Old vs Gruze Journals"</b>
by :iconginkgografix: for code learning and help. As I didn't manage to get the divider working, I've also borrowed the code snippet for the divider from the Gingerbread CSS journal skin, that `ginkgografix had coded after my design. I hope, you don't mind it, Anne. :ashamed:

Otherwise I've only used my photos and images.

I would like to dedicate this Journal Skin to one of the lovely former goddesses of the back then Ressources Gallery Znowy, better known as :iconznow-white: `znow-white. Just don't eat my skin, Znowy! :P

There are not that much html-features included in this skin.

:bulletorange: To get the divider type <hr>

:bulletorange: For the feature box insert a <div class="feature"> with the end tag </div>.

:bulletorange: You've also got to adjust the links in the header with your sites.

Have fun with it!
Cute-Heart Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
nice :D
Kjherstin Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012
Cool skin. Congratulations!
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December 5, 2012
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